Newshawk Network Launches Video Channels

Newshawk Network Launches Video Channels
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Hey Folks,

Just a heads up that started doing videos and opened three online video accounts with; Patreon and YouTube. I have the links below. This is a new thing for us that we resisted doing because we’re writers and have never done videos before. The burden fell on me the editor due to you guys all but mugging us to do vids.

Well I drew the short straw and wow is it different than what I was accustomed to. I’m not stranger to public speaking for I’ve been doing that since the mid 1980’s. But I was always presenting standing before fairly sizable audiences to give my presentation. Toastmasters training got me through that fear but this sitting at a desk and speaking into a webcam with nobody else around is pretty weird to say the least. Because of logistics I am forced to do it this way, at least for now. I fully hope to get much better at this over time.

Anyway, just want to let you know what’s happening and if you get the time please check the video sites and comment away. When you visit our website please copy the article URL to share and discuss on your social network sites. Due to excessive spam, we shut down comments on our website so y’all will have to do a copy of the URL and paste it to your social media sites to discuss and inform.

I think by now most y’all know about the internet assault on Free Speech; Google creating algorithms to suppress and censor articles and websites. They’re going through an internal rebellion there for many issues not the least of which is termination just for being conservative or libertarian. Wish I was doing this on vid so you’ll could see muh HUGE smug, sarcastic smile. Yeah, I’m loving it.

The far-left is in war mode and headhunting mainstream conservatives and libertarians not toeing the globalist, democrat, totalitarian line. Proud to be one of them! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the other larger social media sites are becoming willing instruments of totalitarian regimes not just in the USA but even more so in foreign lands. All the aforementioned are happy to play Gestapo for the leftist totalitarian and globalist regimes. They are throwing people into prison just for liking a post some government declares offensive and hateful.

You know that truth has become the new hate speech to the goose-stepping globalists and if the powers that be succeed in this coup d’état here in America, the government will be goose-stepping right along with them. I really don’t know why patriots still want to be active in Fakebook. Zuckerberg is one evil dude. Getting blocked and censored by the Tyrannical Trio of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is so commonplace now it is rare to find a patriot not victimized by them.

George Orwell was only 33 years off when he wrote 1984 but I’m sort of hoping we patriots could make it 133 years. We have them on their heels and they are losing. That’s what’s makes them ferocious and dangerous. Like a wounded animal that cornered is when they are most lethal. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Tyrannical Trio being agents of the government to shut people down and get them locked up.

It’s happening here in the US as well. It starts with the benign things we can all agree on like child pornography, pedophilia and sex-trafficking; but once the Tyrannical Trio pierce the veil of privacy and these bad actors get their systems in place it will be you and me they come after next. Just what do you think will happen when they ban the practice of Christianity and Judaism from the public square?

Free Speech is gone on the internet thanks to NDAA that legalized censorship. next comes turning people in to authorities not not being in compliance with group-think. We’ll get by. It’s just going to require more effort on our part. Was this article supposed to be about us promoting our video platforms? Nah, its just another tool and resource to get the message out. It’s Content, Content, Content. Perilous times are upon us so gird up your loins for there’s gonna be storm blowing in real soon.

Video Platforms                      Viewership supported platform. Rewards Program you may like. Check it out the site     So far no censorship. Recommended as YouTube Alternative. No Censorship                    Using YT to divert to my other platforms. Don’t care much for the censorship.

Please visit and comment as you see fit. Come look us up. Looking forward to saying hey!

The NHN Team


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Mike Patriot;

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