Arab, Western and Israeli Spies Arrested in Syria

Arab, Western and Israeli Spies Arrested in Syria
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The are more agendas in Syria then quills on a porcupine. False flag operations galore since President Trump announced his gradual withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

The deep state is furious at President Trump for his audacity to end the perpetual war machine that greatly profits the central bankers and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Their agenda is and has always been war with Russia and Syria was the primary gateway to that end. Globalism at its ugliest.

Apparently the Kurdish led militia, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are the mainstay of the Russian led People’s Protection Units (YPG) who are upset that the USA is withdrawing from the region. The SDF in retaliation for the US withdrawal just now disclosed to the Syrians the location of the spy base operating in Manbij, a city located in Northeast Syria.

Operatives from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar were arrested by Syrian forces along with a cache of documents that have not yet been fully disclosed by the Syrians. French, Israeli, UK and US operatives were also arrested along with other intelligence operatives from various nations. Many of these were the same ones trapped in Aleppo, Syria in 2017.

This smacks of a false flag operation for the Kurds apparently knew all along but declined to reveal until now the location of the base of operations in Manbij. This spy base’s mission was to coordinate the passage, training and arming of terrorist and foreign agents into Syria.

Such spy operations coordinated documented military and terrorist operations in southern Syria and Mayer in northern Syria near Aleppo; Adana, Turkey; and Moka, Jordan. This spy operation has been the gateway for many terrorists and secret agents from different countries who support terrorist operations.

Around 360,000 terrorists from various nations that fought in Syria were coordinated from Manbij. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, elements from 120 countries, including intelligence agents from the Air Force, have rallied to terrorist groups. It has long been a strategy to train and arm both side of a conflict.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN identified by name intel operatives from the USA, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Syria specifically named CIA agent David Scott Winner as an agent trapped in Aleppo, Syria in 2017. He was also named as the one arrested in the current arrest in Manbij.

Getting Turkey to invade Syria was one of the coordinated plan of operations from Manbij. War mongers will demand their wars one war or another. Deep state has been doing their bidding for a very long time and are highly skilled in fueling and keeping their war machine well oiled.

President Trump is absolutely right in his refusal to be a puppet like all previous US presidents have been in the past.2019 is the year of the globalist and Cabal take-down. Syria is but one of the playing fields where the grip of the globalists is being loosened.


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