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Migrant Invasion Force Sues President Trump?
0 comments, 03/11/2018, by in Politics

The Central American migrant invasion force heading to the United States Southern Border filed a class-action lawsuit against President Trump for ... wait for it ... violating their US Constitutional Rights? Huh? Gee, it seems that foreigners believe they have 'citizen' rights under our United St... Read more...

Fall Of The Republic
1 comment, 19/08/2018, by in Politics

Watch the Full Length version of Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones embedded in this article. Alex Jones? Isn’t he that Conspiracy Theorist? The phrase conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA in 1967 in direct response to the ever increasing number of Americans daring to question the ‘official... Read more...

North Korea 1945-2017: How We Got to Here
1 comment, 06/09/2017, by in International

This article is an abbreviated timeline of major and significant events impacting Korea starting in 1945 up through the first week in September, 2017. This timeline overview is critical for us to gain an understanding of what is happening with the sabre rattling taking place between the USA and DPRK... Read more...

Newshawk Network Launches Video Channels
0 comments, 08/08/2017, by in Uncategorized

Hey Folks, Just a heads up that NewshawkNetwork.com started doing videos and opened three online video accounts with Vid.me; Patreon and YouTube. I have the links below. This is a new thing for us that we resisted doing because we're writers and have never done videos before. The burden fell on m... Read more...

WikiLeaks Releases CIA Vault 7 Dumbo
0 comments, 03/08/2017, by in Technology

August 3, 2017 WikiLeaks published documents from the Dumbo project of the CIA. Dumbo is a capability to suspend processes utilizing webcams and corrupt any video recordings that could compromise a PAG deployment. The PAG (Physical Access Group) is a special branch within the CCI (Center for Cyber I... Read more...

Wikileaks CIA Vault 7: July 2017 Releases
0 comments, 03/08/2017, by in Technology

WikiLeaks releases four CIA malware spy programs: BothanSpy; Gyrfalcon; Highrise; UCL/Raytheon; and Imperial as part of its Vault 7 operation. BothanSpy (Windowa) & Gyrfalcon (Linux) On July 6, 2017 WikiLeaks published documents from the BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon projects of the CIA. The implant... Read more...