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December 14, 2018 Fort Worth, TX — US District Judge Reed O’Connor agreed with a coalition of 20 states that President Trump’s TCJA tax law eliminating the penalty for not having health insurance invalidates entire Obamacare law.

SCOTUS ruled in 2012 with Chief Justice Roberts being the defining vote in a 5-4 decision wrote that the individual mandate was a tax thereby granting passage of ACA, obamacare.

Now that the “tax” is repealed by the President Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act, all of obamacare is unconstitutional.

In fact a case can be made that ALL federal insurance programs are unconstitutional based on this ruling if appealed eventually to SCOTUS.aftyer going to appeals court. Trump has stated ACA will remain until appeals are exhausted.

President Trump has oft cited repeal and “replace” that is in my opinion is also unconstitutional. Private sector alternatives including healthcare services that is not insurance must be considered.

The federal government is not authorized via the constitution to be in the healthcare business at all. What will this mean for social security?

First we know the demonrats will lie like a rug and have conniption fits and spread their classic fear mongering to unduly influence the courts but a phasing out of social security which is a ponzi scheme will finally and hopefully be eliminated.

The zero premium Part C medicare is private sector insurance for seniors and this can become the alternative for those already on medicare.This may be the alternative for all those aged 55 and over with others opting for private sector alternatives that exist now and that will come to exist based on this ruling.

The payroll withholding should also be phased or preferably eliminated immediately. Past due for this albatross to be removed from the backs of the American taxpayers.


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