#Stop-The-Witch-Hunt and Arrest the Coup d’état Conspirators

#Stop-The-Witch-Hunt and Arrest the Coup d’état Conspirators
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The conspirators plotting their coup d’état against President Donald J Trump must be put down and put down now. Their political assassin aka the Robert Mueller Witch-Hunt must be put down. It’s past time to fire the known conspirators and arrest them for treason and/or sedition where appropriate.

The American people have had enough with ignoring the real criminal coup d’etat conspiracy by the phony tip-of-the-spear Mueller investigation that is based on the false so-called ‘dossier’ while ignoring the crimes of treason and sedition against the United States of America. Their plot to depose our duly elected President  Donald John Trump is known and they have failed.

This conspiracy has run its course and it must be put down in the harshest manner. Now is the time for the conspirators to pay the price for their crimes against America. With the facts of conspiracy, treason and sedition by those embedded in ALL branches of government, the fake news propaganda media, Silicon Valley and corporate America known, perp walks should be the next move.

This is the 2nd American Revolution and we now must round-up all the conspirators and have Lady Justice use her sword upon the enemies of state. The chatter is DC is real assassination and this will not stand. President Trump is our George Washington.

Once the conspirators are arrested and brought to justice, we can begin the uphill work of undoing all the damage done over the last three decades and especially the rancid crime perpetrated via the Obama regime and his weaponization of the US Government against We The People.

It went well beyond illegally spying upon the Candidate-President Elect and then President Trump. It also includes rampant spying upon the citizens of the United States and includes the destruction of our Constitution to install a totalitarian regime of tyrants ruling over America.

I do not believe the average American will be able to accept just how close to extinction the American way of life and our constitutional republic actually came to being utterly destroyed. Many will refuse to believe in spite of the overwhelming facts. Ignorance is indeed bliss.


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