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Open Letter to Judge Neil Gorsuch
0 comments, 09/02/2017, by in Government

Dear Judge Gorsuch, Your recent comment that was made and publicized by the obstructionist democrats is very disturbing to say the least. A man of your so-called legal caliber should not be making such statements when this nation is in an epic fight for its survival to exist as a sovereign nation... Read more...

Jeff Sessions Confirmed US Attorney General
0 comments, 08/02/2017, by in Government

A bitter and nasty confirmation debate was presented by the extreme left democrats has finally come to an end on February 8, 2017. Anyone following the senate confirmation hearings could only shake their head at the wretched display of acrimony advanced by obstructionist democrats. Their infantile t... Read more...

Buh Bye Mozilla, Hello Vivaldi
0 comments, 04/02/2017, by in Technology

What is going on with these libtard leftists supporting a globalist totalitarian agenda? I was shocked and disappointed to receive an email from Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation who shared a statement from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard. Upon reading it I asked myself, “have a... Read more...