Buh Bye Mozilla, Hello Vivaldi

Buh Bye Mozilla, Hello Vivaldi
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What is going on with these libtard leftists supporting a globalist totalitarian agenda? I was shocked and disappointed to receive an email from Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation who shared a statement from Mozilla CEO Chris Beard.

Upon reading it I asked myself, “have all libtards become mindless baboons? … Do any of them have an ounce of critical thought remaining? … Is there no recollection of reality?” Mozilla is now on record lambasting President Trump’s common sense Executive Order on temporary suspension of travel for 90 days from countries replete with terrorism as “troubling on many levels.” I cannot count the ways this is deeply disturbing to me because it is deeply flawed and false. Let’s take a look at some of the statements made by Chris Beard.

“The immigration ban imposed by Friday’s executive order is overly broad and its implementation is highly disruptive to fostering a culture of innovation and economic growth.”

Really? A 90 day moratorium is overly broad because is restricts travel from 7 of the 50 or so heavily Muslim countries? It’s “disruptive” to fostering a “culture” of “innovation and economic growth?” My goodness, just how many IT professionals come from these terrorist nations where illiteracy is rampant and terrorism is their predominant export product? Ever hear of Europe and the chaos being wrought by these so-called refugees? Rape, pillage and destruction has become a daily occurrence by these alleged refugees.

A culture is disrupted due to a 3-month moratorium? Who’s kidding who Chris? Is this your obligatory talking points message from the DNC globalist agenda?  Worse yet, perhaps George Soros is a significant benefactor to Mozilla?

Beard goes on to say, “By slamming the door on talented immigrants … the ban will create a barrier to innovation, economic development and global impact.” So innovation is threatened by a 90-day stoppage in immigration? Wow, since when does something like that happen? I don’t think President Trump, despite his excellence as a Chief Executive could have a global impact for Muslims coming from terrorist nations in that period of time assuming that is an objective. More likely if there were even an ounce of truth in what you state, President Trump would be moving mountains to bring these people in despite the terrorist perception, but we all know nothing like that is remotely true no Chris, don’t we.

Gee, I’m scouring the internet to see where your outrage was for Barack Obama shutting down immigration for 6 months that extended long beyond that period. In fact, the last five presidents enacted a ban of immigration, but I can find no offense coming from you on that. Was the notice of “deep disturbance” you had for them banning immigration for longer periods per chance scrubbed from the internet because I can’t find a trace? Tell me Oh wise one, how much technological expertise hails from those seven countries? Just how many employees and contractors are you working with from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya to cause such catastrophic disruption to Mozilla and other tech companies? Please, do share those numbers with us.

Beard continues, “The ban will have an unnecessary negative impact to the health and safety of those affected and their families, not to mention rejecting refugees fleeing persecution, terror and war.” Is it bizarre to expect the men from that region staying in their nations to help restore such great economic activity lost due to war? Or perhaps going to Saudi Arabia who can accommodate 3 million refugees in empty air-conditioned tents? That makes much more sense for there is little to no cultural issues to contend with  being that the refugees move from one Muslim culture to another.

O come now Chris, you sound like we banned forever immigrants coming from Australia, United Kingdom or Pakistan and India which have high tech industries and a strong technologically high-skilled professionals. Truth is we’re importing unskilled welfare recipients from that region and yes, there is a sinister agenda at work for doing that. Why else would they not go to Saudi Arabia who is willing to take them?

So as Mozilla’s CEO, that same Mozilla whose browser has been crashing several times a day since the last upgrade forcing me and most likely hundreds of thousands of others to go to Vivaldi or some other browser about two months ago. Based on your faulty logic I can see why the demise of Mozilla is underway for clarity of thought seems bereft. There is certainly an agenda at work with such statements that you make and I have no intention now or in the future of ever coming back to Mozilla. I used Mozilla products for the last 25 years and was giving Mozilla time to work out their faulty coding before I came back. Now that I see who is at the helm, think I’ll pass. Beside being open source Chris Beard is open border libtard and SJW. He even threatened to fire an employees who criticized “social justice” on Reddit stating that if he ever finds out who he was he’d be fired. Free speech is also an enemy to Mozilla and SJW globalist loons like Chris Beard who replaced CEO Brendan Eich who was forced to resign for his anti-homosexual stance. Had I realized this about Mozilla earlier I’d have left sooner.

I’d encourage everyone reading this to do the same. We know why we initially came to Mozilla so I suggest looking elsewhere to replace firefox as your internet browser and email client. Opera is a Chinese owned company so the Vivaldi started by Opera ex-pats gets the thumbs up. Using any product produced by an organization that embraces harmful patronization of extreme SJW leftist and globalist positions that do harm to this nation is not one I choose not to patronize. I hope many reading this concur.


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