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ACT for America March Against Shariah
0 comments, 06/06/2017, by in Islam

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, ACT! for America is sponsoring #MarchAgainstSharia events in cities across the nation. This is a march against Sharia law and for human rights. Our nation is built on the freedom of religion -- a pillar of our democracy -- which we must always respect, protect, and hon... Read more...

More Islamic Terror in UK: 7 Dead, 48 Injured
0 comments, 04/06/2017, by in Islam

So how’s all that Islamic immigration working out for ya? I’m not making light of the horror, but how long will we allow the moronic leftists and globalists to control immigration policies? Allowing these Islamic madmen into civilized nations is inviting death and mayhem. They themselves are ... Read more...