President Trump to Nominate Christopher A. Wray as Next FBI Director

President Trump to Nominate Christopher A. Wray as Next FBI Director
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President Trump tweeted earlier today that he will be nominating former Assistant Attorney General Christopher A. Wray to be the next Director of the FBI. Wray served two years as Assistant AG under the George Bush Administration from 2003-2005 to oversee the Criminal Division.

Christopher Wray received unanimous confirmation for his post in 2003 but that was a different time before the far-left democrats went full obstructionist. Today’s extremist democrats led by Chuck Schumer in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House would attack Trump for saying ‘good morning’ and accuse him as a Putin puppet and racist for his hatred toward the afternoon and evening.

Such are the times we live. Just hold your nose and bide your time until November, 2018 when the stench will hopefully pass.

When President Bush tapped Chris Wray to lead the Criminal Division as Assistant AG, he was serving as Assistant Deputy AG since 2001. He entered government service in 1997 as an Assistant US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

When Chris left the DOJ in 2005 after receiving the Edmund J. Randolph Award, the DOJs highest award for public service and leadership he entered private practice at King & Spalding as a litigation partner in their DC, New York and Atlanta offices.

When considering the mess the FBI is in due to the weaponization of the Department as a political attack dog under the Obama regime I was hoping President Trump would go the route of getting an experienced investigator and law enforcement officer to restore trust and confidence to the Bureau.

In my opinion the last thing we need is another attorney leading the FBI. The tenures of James Comey and Robert Mueller have left the bitter taste of corruption as they protected government criminal activities and enterprises. The lawlessness of Obama and Clinton era must be reversed as the FBI returns to its roots and an investigation body.

Grab a seat under the big top circus and watch the pathetic display of obstruction with the democrat dog and pony show. Don’t forget your barf bag for odds are you’re going to need it.


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