Globalist Left Soft Coup d’état Stalling as Tide Begins to Turn

Globalist Left Soft Coup d’état Stalling as Tide Begins to Turn
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Supreme CourtJune 26, 2017 (Texas). Today’s 9-0 SCOTUS ruling is a split decision even though I believe President Trump EOs are 100% lawful and correct. For anyone living in those 6 Muslim countries who lack a ‘bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States’ are subject to the 90 day moratorium of visa or immigration into the country. This is an American victory to support the EO.

For those who have a ‘bona fide relationship’ to come to the United States SCOTUS upheld the lower court decision. From the perspective of the Supreme Court they need to hear the arguments presented and I am certain the EO will be considered lawful and just.

What the next fight is going to be is the extreme vetting procedures put in place at the conclusion of the 90 day moratorium. They will be challenged as pure obstructionist measures and it matters not to the globalists what they are … they will be challenged and will try to put a ban on its implementation.

The DOJ should be preparing now for an appeal and eventual SCOTUS emergency ruling to lift the ban until such time as the case is heard. This if it materializes is a continuation of the soft judicial coup d’état. After its all said and done sedition charges against the activist attorneys and judiciary should be filed.

Russian Investigation Exposes Democrat Crimes

IllusionCollusionFunny how things meant to hurt the innocent has shifted to seek out the guilty. Now we are no longer chasing ghosts but criminals. It appears the last two special election Republican victories took the wind out of the sails of the democrats and their globalist ‘Destroy Trump’ agenda.

Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch is being investigated for obstruction of justice and other allegations. Hillary Clinton’s Russian ties and her abusive and reckless treatment of classified emails on her non-classified illegal server are back in play as are the Benghazi investigation. John Podesta is also being investigated behind closed doors due to his many alleged illegalities including deep financial Russian ties.

Susan Rice has much to fear and hide should the investigation begin to look into her spying and unmasking activities. Robert Mueller is a deep state plant inserted by the establishment elite of both parties. You see it is not democrat versus Republican but democrat and GOPe versus America. Establishment controls congress and they occupy both parties.

Nonetheless, President Trump is waking up America getting a whiff of the stench of corruption. We don’t like it. Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane are under FBI investigation for banking fraud. Both have ‘lawyered up’ as the probe commences. Could it be Bernie played a bigger role than what is currently understood? We’ll hopefully find out soon.

The Russian investigation will be able to soon rule out any Trump and team collusion and the hacking of the DNC server. There was no hacking and this investigation is highly likely to expose the DNC to the Seth Rich and Sean Lucas murders. There is so much illegality in the DNC server it is not surprising they chose to reject help from DHS and the FBI. Government entities are duty bound to report any illegalities they find in the process of their work and to report such.

Once the facts and evidence begin revealing themselves in spite of the lamestream fake news efforts to suppress and black-out reporting there’s no more preventing it from spiraling out of control. The FBI may be forced to seize DNC server and once that happens it all comes down like an avalanche assuming the new FBI Director get confirmed.

Zombie MediaSpinning lies and deceit can only go so far before it begins to backfire and backfire it is doing now. The lamestream fake news media is reeling with CNN being forced to retract ‘Very Fake” Russian stories. Fake news is also taking its toll on The New York Times for they are laying-off big-time and in serious financial danger. Denying truth does not alter it.

The momentum is turning toward President Trump and America. But will this turn the unhinged left to become more mild and civil minded or enrage them further to convert a soft coup d’état into a more violent militaristic one? The deep state is livid and arrogant and not about to turn their ‘reins of power’ over to some ‘elected’ official, especially Donald Trump who did not emerge from their swamp.

The big question is though the tide turning and public sentiment does not support the establishments rage toward President Donald Trump will it stop the coup d’état? Will the deep state move forward with their COG scheme to overthrow the entirety of the 2016 election and roll back everything since? Based upon the increasing leaks coming from the CIA, the answer is they will not relent.

They are rewriting the rules for the Continuity of Government and do plan to move forward with this hostile coup d’état. The momentum shift does not appear to deter the deep state from implementing the COG plan. The media attempts to mold public opinion like it normally does have failed miserably but they are in a ‘damn the torpedoes’ mode.

More people are awake now than ever before. The internet and the proliferation of information make their task much more difficult. Free speech on the internet is under assault but even that is stalling. Oh dear Lord … could President Trump really succeed in ‘Draining the Swamp?’ Please make it so!


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