No Apology Tour for President Trump

No Apology Tour for President Trump
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1st International Tour

President Trump’s 1st 9 day, 5 nation itinerary

President Trump makes an historic speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, his first of five stops in his first international tour as President. King Salman of Saudi Arabia hosted the historic event by having the first American President to ever address in person the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with 55 Arab Heads of State present.

This courageous speech took by the horns the serious issue of radical Islamic terrorism though that exact phrase was not directly used by President Trump at any time in his speech. Both he and King Salman used the phrases ‘extremist’ and ‘terrorism’ in their address which was the focal point of the speech. President Trump called on all GCC heads of state to get radical terrorism under control.

He told the GCC to not wait for the United States to crush our common enemy of radical terrorism but for them to directly engage terrorism in their nation by firstly not providing sanctuary to terrorists he later defined as ‘safe harbor, financial backing and the social standing needed for recruitment.’

“The path to peace begins right here on this ancient soil in this sacred land” said President Trump. “This is a battle between good and evil,” and encouraged the GCC to “Drive them (terrorists) out! Drive them out of your places of worship; Drive them out of your communities; Drive them out your Holy Lands; and Drive them out of this Earth.”

The speech was an effort to garner active cooperation of all Arab heads of state and that began the day before with a $350 Billion down payment over 10 years to begin investment in defense, energy and infrastructure industries. Not coincidently there was a corporate Saudi-US CEO Forum that met in Riyadh that coincided with the President Trump visit to build an economic foundation in the GCC nations.

Beneath the surface I believe this economic foundation is happening to accommodate the impending death of the petro-dollar. Will there be another backing for the US dollar or is this a prelude to digital currency? That is another conversation to be engaged at another time. If the Middle East and America does not seize this unique opportunity we will be looking at a total collapse of the middle-eastern nations and a holocaust of Islamic terror the world is incapable of imagining.

President Trump states that “Barbarism will deliver you no glory” and that “If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be fully condemned.” For anyone stating that President Trump’s speech was soft on terror or he is backing away from his stance because he did not use the phrase ‘radical Islamic terror’ can only be from the purveyors of fake news and unhinged radical extremists masquerading as journalists.

Trump’s speech was brilliantly written for it was forceful enough to garner the respect of the Arabs who have no respect for weakness. Weakness was one of the many reasons our last president became the laughing stock of the world and we have escalated terrorism. The speech was also measured and contained as one would expect from a major world leader.

President went on to say, “If the world doesn’t unite to fight ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and other groups not only will we be judged by our people, not only will we be judged by history, we will be judged by God.” An appeal based upon the highest authority of God Almighty may strike a chord with those who fancy themselves religious for Muslims do not respect godlessness either.

Regardless of whether we see all Islam as the threat or go the route of islamophilia who see them as no threat at all, President Trump made a noble appeal to the sensibilities of those whose nations are ruled by their interpretation of Islam.

Saudi Arabian Speech

President Trump Delivers Anti-Terrorism Speech to GCC

President Trump condemned and singled out the Iranian interpretation where ‘destruction and chaos’ are their internal condition and their primary export. King Salman of Saudi Arabia concurred and added ‘the Iranian regime has been the spearhead of global terrorism.’

When President Trump speaks extemporaneously he is at his best. I hate when pundits and political hacks try to make excuses for words spoken that are not on the teleprompter as ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’ as did some in his senior staff according to the Daily Mail.

The statement in question is, ‘prevailing means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamists, and Islamic terror of all kinds.’ The powers that be want the term ‘islamists’ to exclusively refer to governments and not individuals. President Trump was spot-on to reject such a notion.

One thing remains absolutely factual. We cannot destroy an ideology with bullets and bombs. We can reduce their number with war but their ideology lives on with the survivors seeking to enact vengeance for the loss of their ‘soldiers of Islam.’ This insanity has been going on for 1400 years and I am not optimistic it can or will ever turn around.

However, it is possible that strong ‘non-sectarian’ rulers are able to forcibly contain its evil ‘spillage’ into neighboring nations with a watered down interpretation of Islam. If we learned anything it’s that the Imams and religious zealots espouse terrorism and contrary to popular rhetoric they are not twisting or perverting Islam but enforcing it.

Islam sectarian rule must be prevented from holding the reins of power. That is in the best interest of all civil western nations and to assist the Arabs in achieving non-sectarian governance. When this was done in the past order was relatively maintained by containing the devastation of true Islam. We need to return to that status if the civil in civilization is to be restored.

So when King Salman called on the GCC to ‘reject extremism; work on fighting all forms of terrorism; stop its financing and its propagation; dry up its sources; and stand firm in confronting this scourge that poses a danger to all of humanity’ we need to at least posture that he is being sincere. Trust and Verify is a strategy delivered by a great American president and it behooves us to implement it here.

Yes, I’m aware that the 911 attacks were predominantly Saudi terrorists and the Saudi government gave them sanctuary, safe harbor, financial backing and the social standing to recruit and commit terror, the very things that President Trump addressed in his speech on Sunday. Was he not speaking directly to King Salman and the 55 other heads of state when he spoke these words? This is not the same government that financed the 911 terror attacks on the US.

Unless your strategy is to completely annihilate all Islam from the face of the earth this is the next best alternative. Containment, containment, containment! It has been done before and needs to be done again. What other viable choice do we have other than non-secular governance in Islam nations?

When King Salman pledged to his 55 GCC neighbors to “prosecute terrorists and terror financing, to ‘eradicate’ the ISIS terror army ‘and other terrorist organizations regardless of their religious, sect or ideology’ are we to simply dismiss this?” The Muslim nations must be the ones to contain their Muslim ideology as expressed through Islam. They need to take the ideological war to its source.

Globalism is equally as evil as Islam and know that globalism supports sectarian Islam and jihad violence. Globalism needs to destroy western nations, borders and cultures so it can have its new world order emerge from the ashes. That new order includes a new worldwide economic and monetary system. When we suppress Islamic terror we suppress the forces of globalism as well.

Creating an infrastructure to economically support and strengthen nationalism in every nation is our best hope for moving into the future with relative peace and prosperity. That will not come with globalism which is totalitarian via force and violence.

The brilliance of President Trump is seen by what he insisted upon as conditions for United States cooperating partnership with the GCC and what were not. President Trump demanded these four things from the GCC:

  1. Standing together against the murder of innocent Muslims;
  2. Standing together against the oppression of women;
  3. Standing together against the persecution of Jews;
  4. Standing together against the slaughter of Christians.

President Trump made no demands for any broad cultural or political changes as a condition of working with the United States. Rather he pledged, “Our friends will never question our support, and our enemies will never doubt our determination. Our partnership will advance security through stability, not through radical disruption.”

I interpret that statement as a prelude to the end of the Bush Doctrine. All that accomplished was deposing non-sectarian rulers with sectarianism that unleashed the devastating scourge of Islamic Invasion and Jihad into western nations. The globalist strategy to use Islam as useful idiots to destroy national cultures and borders. The Bushes are globalists, as are the Clintons and Obama.

President Trump continued, “We will make decisions based on real-world outcomes … not inflexible ideology. We will be guided by the lessons of experience, not the confines of rigid thinking. And, wherever possible, we will seek gradual reforms … not sudden intervention.’ That can only be achieved by non-sectarian Muslim governance.

‘Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism and providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to God.’ Six GCC nations agreed and signed a memorandum of understanding. They are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Conservatives and Libertarians need to learn something that is difficult … Incrementalism! We want a completed project right away and this is for the most part the ways of the business world. It’s a sound philosophy. However, when dealing with foreign cultures in the Arab-Muslim world, tiny steps backed with resources and records of success may work wonders.

While what I stated above as my opinion in having non-sectarian rulers in the Muslim nations may or may not be a President Trump-GCC strategy. I certainly hope it is for without doing so I believe all is for naught. One does not change Islam but one may contain it. With all the globalists in the Trump Administration I am looking at the deals being made here with a skeptical eye. When globalists agree, there must be devils and a cadre of demons hiding in the details.

Next stop is Jerusalem and Palestine then off to the Vatican to give the cabal and Rothschild’s their due and receive their blessings? They are the top of the food chain of globalism and not to be trusted. Taking them on is dangerous and costly. I oh so desperately want to be optimistic for nationalism but there are just too many globalists whispering in President Trump’s ear.

Without the opportunity to see the details of the agreements and seeing that the globalists are buying into the terms of this agreement which on the surface appear contrary to globalism; my better sense is screaming to surface and wants to prevail with insecurity and doubt. I’m containing such as best I can.

Under Obama the resources given to the Saudi’s were resources given to the terrorists by the globalists. Trump is taking the advice of the Obama globalists appointees for they dominate the Trump National Security Council with the likes of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Joseph Dunford; National Security Adviser HR McMaster; Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell; and Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

The speech is written by nationalist Stephen Miller but let’s hope that the contents of this speech are reflected in the policy details. While the globalists, far left democrats and their propaganda lamestream media like to create havoc and chaos. That makes them not much different than the strategy of the terrorists.

We’ll just have to see how this all shakes out.


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