Kim Jong-un Blinks; Nuclear Threat De-Escalates; Trump Victory!

Kim Jong-un Blinks; Nuclear Threat De-Escalates; Trump Victory!
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President Donald J Trump is playing the nuclear threat by Kim Jung-un perfectly! If you’re keeping score we’re 1-1 on the international military intervention scene. Trump screwed the pooch with Bashar al-Assad and his ally Putin of Russia by acting recklessly in Syria based upon false intel provided by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser.

Even if we can mend the fallout of that horrific decision, much of what was lost is irrecoverable. Good will does not come easy. Hate to use clichés but you never do get a second chance at a military first impression.

Now for the accolades! This South Korean crisis was my expected result based upon analysis and expectation on how President Trump would act and not heed to the globalist Neo-Cons Military Industrial Complex voices whispering in his ear. He is playing this nuclear crisis brilliantly. See the article published by NHN on April 12th concerning the NK nuclear crisis entitled, “North Korea Will Not Ignite WW3.”

While I fully expected there would be a military conflict I am quite confident it will not escalate into World War. North Korea is very alone and isolated and if he moved militarily it would be over for Kim Jung-un. Even if it were a non-nuclear confrontation he would not survive as ‘supreme ruler’ and probably would not survive at all.

President Trump involved the key regional players with China, South Korea and Japan all having their say. He laid down the criteria and demanded results. He had China take the lead with South Korea, Japan and America standing at the ready. It was capitulate or die for Jung-un. He chose wisely.


Even with de-escalation the North Korean crisis is far from over. The United States, China, Japan and South Korea would have to be insane to allow NK to retain his nuclear stockpile along with the capacity to make nuclear anything. It is preferable that this denuclearization be dealt with now rather than later. President Trump knows about how to close the deal and this deal must be closed out. The UN is iced out completely.

What an relief it is not to have Obama, Clinton or any democrats active in international politics, especially this nuclear crisis. Want to send a message to Iran? This is how you do it. The missile barrage of one sovereign nation is NEVER how you send a message to another sovereign nation. Military force is a message only to the nation on the business end of the military intervention.

Only the brain-dead will not heed. Every time I hear a talking head from the fake news corporate media use the phrase ‘send a message’ to nation B by using military force on nation A makes my skin crawl. The only message is to the nation on the business end of the military intervention. Other bad actors will get it.

I think it will be a big mistake to allow Jung-un to keep his nuclear capabilities on the promise he will behave. We’re way beyond that. We’re there now and we all know we’ll need to be there again because of the nukes. These dictators do not learn and if they are perceived as weak their own people may try to take care of business but this tactic is not to be relied upon here. Capitulation by Jung-un is strategic and only for the purpose to allow breathing room. He’ll learn from his mistakes on this crisis and be even more dangerous next time.

China and the regional coalition are with us right now and who knows how this may change moving forward? International maneuvering is fluid and we need to ‘cash-in’ on the current good-will forged between the USA and China for they have more to lose than anybody with a nuclear North Korea attached at the hip … literally. Kim Jung-un is a wild card and China knows it.

On the domestic front I hear talk that globalism is dead and defeated because of President Trump. Nay says br’er bear; and not so says br’er fox! Desperate rants from desperate men for they see their time may be short. The time to dismantle the globalist deep state saboteurs is now. President Trump has earned significant political capital on how he is handling this nuclear crisis. He should invest immediately to force the deep state globalists out of Government.

We peck away at the perimeters starting now. Here’s what I would do upon the successful close of the Korean crisis. Go for the deep state globalists right now and offer a deal to globalist HR McMaster. Give up ALL the deep state globalists in the NSA, CIA and FBI and we’ll let you keep your job as National Security Adviser. Even if we gut those agencies it’s better than they gutting us.

Should McMaster refuse, he, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, Michael Anton and Joe Hagin are gone immediately, right now, today. Hand in your resignations or be fired and removed from government. What do you think he would do? What would you do?


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