Historical Krasinski Square Speech By President Trump

Historical Krasinski Square Speech By President Trump
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President Donald J Trump spoke to the Polish people and the world at Krasinski Square, Warsaw on July 6, 2017 that history will record as one of the greatest American President speeches ever. This is already President Trump’s second historical foreign speeches with the first being in Saudi Arabia.

America can learn a valuable lesson from the Polish people in how they refuse to have their political leaders sell them out to the tyrannical globalist forces who would rob them of their sovereignty, liberty, peace and economic well-being. Polish leaders attempted to yield to globalist EU mandates for Islam immigration but the Polish people rose up in the millions to say NO!

And no it was! Western civilization must not tolerate the Islam invasion to destroy the culture, language, laws and borders of sovereign nations. Islam itself states they will not assimilate but dominate the culture of every host nation that takes them in. The reality of non-assimilation is proof they do not lie about wanting to dominate host nations with violence and force nations to accept Islam as the dominant culture and Sharia as the new law of the land.

Poland was president Trump’s first stop en route to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. President Trump stands alone as the only ‘free’ nation leader that has not bent its knee in homage to the globalist forces engulfing all the G20 nations. Vladimir Putin and Russia also refuse to yield to globalist tyranny and Islam terrorism as well. However, regarding the globalist EU, Poland and the ‘3-Seas Initiative’ (Baltic to the North; Adriatic to the West; and Black Sea to the South) a north-south trading bloc that will surely put to the test Trump’s negotiation skills with Putin.

3-Seas Initiative

Globalism represents the greatest threat to national sovereignty on planet Earth, not Russia. One would think an alliance with Russia to defeat our common enemies would make sense. It does in the Middle East and North Korea but not in Eastern Europe where Russia will surely want something in return. Estonia and Latvia as a prize giving them greater access to the Baltic Sea south of St. Petersburg or perhaps access to the trading bloc and other trade deals in exchange for non-aggression?

EU Globalist forces use the fake ‘refugee’ crisis to import Islam terrorism to destroy the culture of the western nations globalists seek to control. That includes Poland and all other European nations. The EU is amassing its power as a globalist union and Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France are the central figures in EU globalist tyranny.

It’s no wonder the EU has angst welcoming President Trump especially with his dealings with Poland. The EU is a tyrannical force to be defeated. We’re in a 3-D chess match with our foes and the pressure on President Trump to perform by rejecting globalism and tyranny while neutralizing Russia is on!

We are a breath away from the globalist desire for WW3. The EU sees a Poland-USA alliance as a threat. But this is a good thing for tyranny should always see the United States as a threat. The fake news media would have you believe that President Trump is rogue in his opposition to EU tyranny. Makes you realize the depth and breadth of the corrupt swamp in the USA.

The US has been capitulating to evil for far too long and now when President Trump stands in opposition it seems strange and bizarre. The US is entrenched in its own globalist force deeply embedded in the deep state, shadow government, judiciary and elected officials of both parties. This USA is in the most perilous state since its inception as a nation.

We were at the precipice of globalist tyranny in the United States at the time of the 2016 election and a fierce ‘swamp fight’ is underway in efforts to drain it. Still the globalists have full control the President’s National Security Council with Obama holdovers Joseph Dunford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs; HR McMaster, National Security Advisor; James Mattis, Secretary of Defense; Dina Powell, Deputy NSA; and Gary Cohn an avowed globalist all advising President Trump.

To my chagrin wars must be fought and won one battle at a time. I cannot understand why globalist appointments and no globalist terminations of the aforementioned group have happened. They have taken over the State Department and neutralized Rex Tillerson. I do understand that Russia is not our ‘friend’ but they can certainly be an ally in this war on globalism and islam terrorism. Perhaps the reason the Russian well was utterly poisoned by the globalists in and out of the United States.

Trump & Brexit thwart globalismPoland knows full well the threat from Russia being one state removed from its border. However, this is why those involved in diplomacy should be the best and brightest from our shores. Problem is too many internal enemies lurk to sabotage the negation between Trump and Putin if they can. That ‘sideline’ meeting in my opinion is of far greater import that the G20 for their objective is to impose globalism on the world scene.

There are other nations in the G20 who would love to see globalism defeated but are too weak to challenge or verbalize any opposition. I’m certain we have ‘hidden allies’ in the G20 in our fight against global tyranny. Ridding ourselves of our own globalist infiltration will go far in having those smaller nations ally with the USA in its fight against Islam terrorism and globalism.

The Polish understand the historical evils of Germany as well. For long periods the Polish border was a dotted line on a map due to German aggression. Whenever there was a unified Germany, the European continent was soon at war. Nothing has changed.

Poland is leading the 3-Seas Initiative a 12 nation north-south trading bloc to neutralize both Russia and the EU. While globalists will deny the EU threat, it most certainly is a bloc contrary to the EU. Poland is sitting in the middle of its own swamp that it cannot drain alone. Its only hope is to have the United States as its ally and supporter against the EU and Russia.

The US must be able to curtail NATO and the advent of a newly forming EU military force from imposing its collective will upon Poland. Polish President Andrzej Duda, who arranged a ‘chilled’ reception for President Trump is one I do not trust for he is much too close to the globalist EU and one to be watched closely.

Duda is seeking a permanent NATO presence in his country for they are becoming a thorn in the side of Russia with the 3-Seas Trading Bloc and Russia will have none of that. NATO is not to be trusted for they are a globalist military force with most members hostile to national sovereignty. Russia cannot be trusted either.

NATO USAWe have got to love Poland and I believe it’s time to dissolve the US presence in NATO for a new military alliance to protect the 12 nation, 3-Seas Initiative. NATO is a useless and obsolete alliance for many of the members are globalists and enemies to the USA.

Why do we want to be in an alliance with hostile forces especially with the Article V resolution? Evil shall emerge from that contrary to national sovereignty and it’s best to address that reality now before a bad situation develops. When President Trump mentioned his commitment to NATO the Polish crowd became eerily silent.

Silence was very unusual for the throngs of people assembled at Warsaw’s Krasinski Square. They were as loud and enthusiastic as any of the ‘Deplorables’ the name worn as a badge of honor by staunch supporters of President Trump since the day he announced his candidacy for President.

Krasinski Square looked like another massive Trump campaign rally. Liberty loving Poles know a winner and patriot when they see one for both share similar ideologies … Sovereignty and Liberty. The ground where President Trump spoke is drenched with the blood of Polish Patriots who died fighting tyranny. A point not lost in President Trump’s speech to the assembled Patriots.

With globalist advisers whispering in President Trump’s ear they stand in support of the 3-Seas bloc for its opposition to Russia primarily. The EU cannot be happy with this trading bloc either and President Andrzej Duda is contrary to his people in terms of his relationship with Germany and the EU.

Two nations, Estonia and Latvia border on Russia and the Baltic Sea making them vulnerable to Russian incursion. NATO forces are not the best alliance to offer protection for loyalties are divided. Nonetheless, this is what we have now but my hope is things are in the works for USA removal from NATO once a new alliance is formed with the 12 nation 3-Seas Initiative.


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