McMaster Must Be Fired … IMMEDIATELY!

McMaster Must Be Fired … IMMEDIATELY!
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HR McMaster, Brigadier General and National Security Adviser is one bad hombre and traitor to United States sovereignty and must be fired immediately. Sara Carter, an investigative reporter for Circa News broke the story and has a copy of the secret letter McMaster sent to Susan Rice confirming she would keep her top secret security clearance.

We say the letter is secret because White House sources close to the President confirm he was unaware of the McMaster letter. This is certainly not the first time McMaster has acted without informing the President and came close to termination when he first did this.

McMaster has a history of undermining President Donald J Trump with the first instance being his probable involvement in the conspiracy to unmask General Michael Flynn with Susan Rice. There is no way McMaster could not have been aware of the plan to sabotage Flynn and then usurp his position as National Security Adviser.

Whenever getting into a discussion about HR McMaster, one cannot do so without a invoking the name of General David Petraeus whom McMaster reports to even though Petraeus no longer serves active duty status in the military. David Petraeus has long been associated with the Bilderberg group, a globalist think tank that meets annually to discuss strategies for advancing the globalist agenda internationally.In 2007 during the George W Bush globalist administration, Secretary of the Army Pete Geren asked David Petraeus to take charge of the army promotion board. Secretary Geren did this because HR McMaster was passed up for promotion to Brigadier General. At that time the military leadership was still managed by a large number of conservative leaning and loyal US sovereignty generals that were opposed to globalism.From 2008-2014 McMaster received rapid promotions and advanced in high level military positions. In 2008 he was hired as Director, Concept Development & Learning as part of the Army Training & Doctrine Command. In that position McMaster was instrumental in establishing Army doctrine to guide the Army for the next two decades.

In 2009 he was promoted to Brigadier General and in 2010 to J-5, Deputy to the Commander for Planning in Afghanistan. He became Major General in 2012 and two years later became Lt. General and given his 3rd star. Time Magazine featured him in the Most 100 Influential People in the World. McMaster hit the fast track during the Obama regime under David Petraeus.

There is no question in my mind that HR McMaster was expecting key positions in the Hillary Clinton regime had she won the election. Under a globalist president like Clinton we would absolutely be heading into WW3 with Russia, and for a Neocon globalist like General McMaster, that is a 3 star general’s dream come true.

However, as fate would have it Donald J Trump is President and he’s a nationalist and staunchly American sovereignty. Due to the massive spying and unmasking under the Obama regime a conspiracy was hatched to unmask and depose Michael Flynn as NSA and replace him with McMaster.

A huge to-do about nothing quickly derailed Flynn before he even got started. The investigation fully cleared Flynn of all allegations but the damage had already been done. The coup d’etat was already underway by the military industrial complex, the deep state, the legislative branch led by democrats and GOPe, the Never Trump staffing of the White House by Reince Priebus, and the judiciary who usurped Executive powers illegally.

Real crimes are being committed by the globalists but rather than investigate those crimes the coup rather sought an imaginary Russian Collusion Delusion conspiracy theory to become the tip of the spear to overthrow the US government. There is a high probability that McMaster was directly involved in the FLYNN unmasking conspiracy with Susan Rice to usurp the position of National Security Adviser on the Presidential National Security Council.

McMaster could undermine the Presidency to advance the globalist agenda as NSA and also serve to protect the crimes of unmasking and the silent coup d’état being waged against America.  Just today Sara Carter of Circa News broke the story of McMaster protecting Susan Rice and maintaining her security clearances despite being under congressional investigation.

His defense of Susan Rice and her retention of her top-secret security clearance is likely an act of self-preservation. Should Rice testify all the facts will surface and McMaster is probably up to his eyeballs in the criminal coup, illegal spying and unmasking.

Parties to the coup include Obama holdovers in the deep state though McMaster denies the very existence of such. He has packed NSC with globalists and revoked security clearance of those loyal to President Trump. He removed security clearance from Steve Bannon and fired his staff and any conservative, nationalists, sovereignty loyalists he could.

McMaster fired Derek Harvey, Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Rich Higgins for exposing the coup d’état; deep state conspiracy of leaking classified information to discredit the President; the globalist conspiracy with Islam terrorists plots against President Trump and innocent Americans. Perilous times indeed. The lion’s share of all three branches of government is involved in this coup.

Since President Trump authorized the investigations of the key parties to this coup, the propaganda media and the other parties themselves have become unhinged in their aggressiveness to take down President Trump. Special Counsel Robert Meuller has convened a grand jury and these acts are violations and of the special counsel law and punishable. The rope they prepare for Trump may very well end around their necks.


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