9 Threats To Protect Your Children From In 2018

9 Threats To Protect Your Children From In 2018

You may only be reading this for the sake of your own biological children or closely related children, but remember that every adult has a responsibility to protect all children against all current and future threats, not just our own children.

The list in this article is a compilation of mostly external (outside the family) threats to children today. At Rebezi House we constantly track these trends and topics, and this article is constantly updated at our site. Since we focus primarily on the care and protection of 0 – 13-year-olds, this study is directed accordingly, but it may be just as relevant to ages beyond.

The 9 categories of threats are not in any particular order of significance. Some of the related topics could be included in other categories and there is some overlap with certain trends etc. However, we will allow the reader to join the dots independently and make their own conclusions. Please get in touch if you have recognized any other categories or topics not included in the list.

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