Child Trafficking Is All Too Real – Your Assistance Is Required

Child Trafficking Is All Too Real – Your Assistance Is Required

Child sex trafficking is real and there are high-powered individuals, from the rich and powerful to those in elected positions in government, alongside detractors, mockers and scoffers who are trying their best to malign this reality using various deflective tactics.

The level of depravity that exists is heartbreaking, but it is also important to note that where there is such depravity, there is also deception and deliberate misdirection.

The photographs shown below have been released by Russ Dizdar’s organization Shatter the Darkness. Russ has assembled a team that specializes in assisting and in some cases, physically rescuing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) victims who are also the victims of child and human sex trafficking.

Certain knowledge is already known about the photographs but it is not being released in order that additional information provided by anyone else can be properly validated.

On behalf of Russ Dizdar and his team, I am asking for your assistance. Please view the two photographs below and if you have any personal knowledge of the photographs please contact Shatter the Darkness here immediately.


About Philip Bar-Israel

Philip Bar-Israel is married to Rebeca Bar-Israel. They are the co-founders of Rebezi House, a care home for children in Central Java, Indonesia. He enjoys studying all the social sciences and writing about current world events and trends as they relate to the family.